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Minibus Advertising:

We were the largest minibus advertising company in Hong Kong in 2015 based on revenue and with a market share of approximately 34.3% according to the CIC Report. We also ranked first in terms of the number of minibuses with our exclusive advertising spaces in Hong Kong in 2015 representing approximately 17% of the number of licensed minibuses in the city, according to the CIC Report.

We believe our minibus advertising services enable advertisers to reach a large general audience as well as the local community when hosting an advertising campaign on a specific minibus route which can increase the effectiveness of the client’s products and services and increase its exposure to their desired target audience. The advertisement on the minibus body serves like a ‘‘moving banner’’ throughout the streets in the desire districts repetitively.

Given our leading position in the minibus advertising market in Hong Kong, we were able to secure more minibus routes from particularly our exclusive licensors in 2016 as compared to 2015, which enabled us to expand our advertising space coverage and offer our customers a wider range of advertising spaces in different locations at competitive pricing based on the routes occupancy rates.

Minibus in Hong Kong refers to buses with no more than 16 seats (as at December 2016). The fleet size of minibus in Hong Kong is limited to 4,350 vehicles; and can be divided into green minibuses, which are used on scheduled fixed route services, and red minibuses, which are free to operate anywhere in Hong Kong. Minibus was the third largest segment in the public transport system of Hong Kong in 2015 with a share of 14.6%* in terms of average daily public transport passenger journeys; and a total transported volume of approximately 680,499 passengers in 2015*.
* Source: Transport Department of Hong Kong and CIC Report INDUSTRY

Advertisements on minibus have a large number of potential audiences due to the high population density in Hong Kong, as advertisements on the minibus body can easily be noticed when minibuses pass by. Seat-back advertisements, on the other hand, have a captive audience while the passengers are travelling on the minibus. With approximately 352 green minibus routes and approximately 148 red minibus routes in Hong Kong, minibus routes have practically covered all the areas of Hong Kong.

As expected, an increase in preference for minibus advertising compared with other advertising channels such as television, newspaper and magazine shall be seen going forward. Minibus advertising is relatively low price and considerably high cost-effective due to its high mobility and guaranteed potential audiences; therefore the cost per thousand viewers of minibus advertising is approximately 1/20 to 1/30 of that of television, newspaper or magazine advertising according to the CIC Report. This high cost-effectiveness of minibus advertising has attracted and is expected to continue to attract end-user advertisers and intermediaries such as advertising agencies.

Taxi Advertising:

We are one of the OOH company that also focus on taxi advertising in Hong Kong, as one of our focus is to provide clients with more transportation outdoor advertising spaces in the city. We believe our taxi advertising services enable advertisers to reach a large general audience when hosting an advertising campaign with this format which can increase the exposure of the client’s products and services to their target audience. The advertisement on taxi bodies serves like a ‘‘moving banner’’ through the streets for up to 24 hours a day. They can therefore reach a large number of pedestrians and passengers of other vehicles on the streets throughout Hong Kong.

In addition, we believe that our advertising services on taxi provide synergy with our hospital advertising services, as some of the advertising panels in our hospital platform are located at the taxi stand, of which our advertisers can strategically use to reach such target consumers.

Hospital & Clinic Advertising:

We are the only company providing advertising spaces inside public hospitals in Hong Kong, and we operate a unique healthcare advertising platform, combining our exclusive advertising spaces in public and private hospitals, minibuses with fixed routes reaching major hospitals, and in clinics of a major private healthcare service provider in Hong Kong.

Hospital advertising market in Hong Kong refers to advertising in hospitals and is a segment of building and facilities advertising. Since the potential audiences in hospitals are generally patients and their companions or visitors, advertisements for specific products, such as diapers and wheelchairs, can directly reach their potential customers through hospital advertising. There are 42 public hospitals and institutions and 11 private hospitals in Hong Kong as at 31 December 2015. Moreover, the average waiting time of patients and visitors to hospitals reached approximately 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours in 2015, which increases the audience and exposure of advertisements in hospitals more valuable. Hong Kong’s population of 7.32 million by 2015 is provided with a comprehensive range of medical and health services by public and private sectors.

Health, Beauty, & Personal care store Advertising:

Health, beauty, & personal care store refers to a store that sells beauty products and health care products. Personal care store advertising can directly reach potential customers for the advertised products, who can be influenced by the advertisement. There are over 800 personal care stores in Hong Kong as at 31 December 2015, with substantial amount of spaces for retail outlet advertising.

Health and beauty retail store advertising refers to advertising launched in or out of health and beauty retail stores and is also a segment of building and facilities advertising market. Health and beauty retail store advertising is also capable of directly reaching potential customers, due to the similarity between the products in these health and beauty retail stores and purchase intention, which can be hit by the advertised products, of people getting into these stores.