About Us

We are a well-established Out-Of-Home (“OOH”) advertising space and service provider in Hong Kong with a focus on advertising on minibuses, taxis, hospitals (both public and private), clinics and health & beauty retail stores. We are the largest minibus advertising company in Hong Kong in 2015 based on revenue, and with a market share of approximately 34.3%*. We also ranked first in terms of having the largest fleet of minibuses with our exclusive arrangement in Hong Kong in 2015, representing approximately 17%* of the total number of licensed minibuses in the entire Hong Kong (including red and green top minibuses) as at 2016. *All of the above were according to the CIC Report issued in December 2016.

We are also the only company providing advertising spaces inside both private and public hospitals in Hong Kong as we operate this unique healthcare advertising platform. The advertising solution we offered include a combination of our exclusive ad panels inside public & private hospitals, and together with our exclusive minibuses exterior & interior ad spaces that reach to major hospitals, clinics, and health & beauty retail stores around the city.

Our principal business is the provision of Out-Of-Home (“OOH”) advertising space and services to our customers, which comprise direct advertisers aiming to promote their brands, products or services, and advertising agencies acting for their advertisers. We offer our customers convenient services of design and production, advertisement logistics, installation and dismantling services.

We license advertising spaces from licensors which are owners and operators of minibuses and taxis, hospitals, clinics and health & beauty retail chain on an exclusive and long-term basis; and we rent the advertising spaces out to clients who have interest to host their ad campaigns within our platforms.

We have a large and diverse customer base. Our customers include major local and international companies engaged in pharmaceutical, healthcare, beauty, food & beverage, and home design & furniture industries etc. Most of our customers are repeat customers and we have had a business relationship for over five years with most of our major customers.